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Save on Salve!

For the Month of July, Infinite CBD is proud to showcase out Freezing Point Topical Salve Stick! This portable stick provides a nearly instant reduction in inflammation, easing the aches and pains of troublesome muscles and joints. For the duration of July, take advantage of our 20% discount for retail purchases and 10% off for our wholesale clients.

The Freezing Point Product line has helped a vast range of customers maintain their specific pains in a way that works best for them. While this month we are discounting the salve stick, it is worth the time to do your research and make sure this product will work best for you. Topical CBD products provide a different effect to the consumer than consumable. Learning the difference and how it works for the body, is important to gaining the full potential benefits of CBD.

Why Choose Salves?

Topicals can be tricky and understanding your specific skin needs can be a process of trial and error until comfortable products are decided on. Traditionally, salves are catered for skin prone to or experiencing irritation symptoms. This includes scrapes, burns, sensitive rashes and most skin ailments.

Some customers have expressed preferences for salves even if they don’t experience the issues listed above. One of the main selling points of salves is their long-lasting capabilities. Without a water base, salves have the ability to distribute nutrients and medicinal substances into the skin without totally absorbing, leaving the skin protected and able to naturally rejuvenate.

On the opposing end, some will notice that their skin is in dire need of hydration. It is in situations like this that a water-based cream would be best for the health of the consumer.

Blending CBD and Salve

CBD has a reputation of resolving some of the most stubborn inflammation. With our blend of CBD isolate , peppermint oil, menthol, eucalyptus oil, camphor and beeswax, our Freezing Point CBD Salve Stick will give you an intense break from bone-deep aches and pains. Given the fact that salves are long lasting, you can expect long lasting effects as well.

As mentioned, salves have the ability to comfortably protect skin irritations from further discomfort. With this barrier, the inflammatory properties of CBD are able to work deep into your skin, reaching discomfort at the deepest level.